Rebatch Soap Starter Kit

Rebatch Soap Starter Kit

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Always wanted to make soap your own soap but don't want to work with lye?  Let me make the process easier for you by providing you a whole kit that will get you well on your way to making lots of handmade, wonderful soap!  

This kit includes the following:

  • TEN pounds of my bestseller SHEA & COCOA rebatch soap base, shredded and ready to melt!  It is the easiest of my bases to work with, and I will include instructions so that you can have the best chance at success.  
  • ONE silicone soap mold with at least four cavities.  Silicone soap molds are fun and easy to work with.  You won't have to use a lot of elbow grease to get your soap out of the mold.
  • FOUR 2 oz fragrance oils.  These will be at my choosing, and will be seasonally appropriate.  For example, if we are getting close to Fall, you will receive fall fragrances, if we are getting close to the holidays, you will receive holiday fragrances.  Although each fragrance will be carefully chosen by me, please add a note at checkout if you have an aversion to a particular type of scent, and I will make sure I do not include it.  Each fragrance will arrive in a re-usable glass bottle so that you do not have to transfer them from plastic.
  • FOUR soap additives, which will include herbal powders, colorants, and/or exfoliants.  

This kit will be fun to work with, and if you order more than one kit, or if you have ordered before, I will not include the same molds or fragrances.  That way you can make sure you are trying something new every time.