About Us

What makes Starfire's Creations so great? Its simple...my number one priority when selling my products is customer service. I want each customer to feel special and pampered....if they didn't feel that way, what would be the point of selling my products? I personally want each customer to feel special when their package arrives. I go out of my way to make sure of that by including samples, coupons, and decorative packaging. I want my customers to completely enjoy their experience, and their experience starts when they submit their order. Questions and comments are answered promptly and attentively. All handmade items are made to order, so that the person ordering is kept in mind when creating the body care products. Each product has its own personal touch, and each package includes a pleasant surprise. Every time you order, even if you re-order items, you will still get the same quality products and great customer service, but each experience you have will be different and pleasantly unexpected.
And how can I vouch for my products? Because I use them myself. If I don't like the way a product feels, looks, smells, etc. I adjust the ingredients until I am happy with it, and if I can't do that...I simply don't sell it. Most of these products were designed and made from weeks, months, or in some cases a year or more of trying different formulations. I am a certified aromatherapist and herbalist, so you can trust that the products have been created with the best of knowledge and experience.
So pamper yourself...you deserve it!