About Us

Starfire's Creations had a modest beginning, inside a kitchen in a one bedroom apartment in Haverhill Massachusetts in 2001.

I got frustrated with mass produced body care products...they had ingredients I couldn't pronounce, nor did I know what they were. I longed for simple products, with fewer and more natural ingredients. I began to develop my own products, and sold them locally to stores and fairs. I realized people really liked them, and appreciated their natural quality.

Many of my recipes have been developed over several years, and much trial and error. I have regular customers who keep me busy doing what I love, and they appreciate the consistency and "No BS" products.

Starfire Handmade Soap

All handmade items are made to order, so that the person ordering is kept in mind when creating the body care products. Each product has its own personal touch, and each package includes a pleasant surprise. Every time you order, even if you re-order items, you will still get the same quality products and great customer service, but each experience you have will be different and pleasantly unexpected.

And how can I vouch for my products? Because I use them myself. If I don't like the way a product feels, looks, smells, etc. I adjust the ingredients until I am happy with it, and if I can't do that...I simply don't sell it. My products have been created with the best of knowledge and experience.

So pamper yourself...you deserve it!


Owner of Starfire's Creations